Our mission is to simplify the way how organizations work.

runsimply is a different kind of company. With our software we want to create an inspiring and cooperative working atmosphere. runsimply has developed the cloud-based Collaborative Project Management: the best of structured project management and modern functionality similar to the applications in the field of social networks.

We are creating the next generation in Collaborative Project Management Software that combines the best elements of business, design and technology. Our common sense solutions are based on unparalleled user experience. The value we bring to our customers are productivity applications that people love to use. runsimply is offering a new way to work - a way that's easier than ever before. It's a platform, database, and browser-independent cloud solution. Hence, runsimply targets companies of all sizes - especially project-driven organizations in the public and private sectors that are seeking to drastically reduce the complexity of work synchronization across organizational boundaries. runsimply flexible and intuitive user interface easily adapts to any person's quest for uniqueness at work. It empowers every user to customize the solution to meet his or her work habits, needs and preferences. It's designed just for you.

From executives, managers, project leaders and team members to product developers, marketing departments and PMO's, runsimply stands for ease of use.

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