Consulting Teams

Consulting Teams deliver professional services. They are often on the road or in the air. Every project they do, every change request they receive or training they deliver has a customer and consequently an invoice related to it. Customers' satisfaction and the ability to deliver projects on time is a differentiator in the consulting business. Organizations find it difficult to properly plan multiple projects and identify hidden opportunities or potential delays before it's too late or the project is off-track. The runsimply Collaborative Project Management solution supports consulting teams with an ultimate set of features that allows them to spend less time managing work and more time giving added value to your customers:

  • Increase productivity of your consulting workforce by using a single platform together with your clients and partners.
  • Eliminate resource conflicts and overloads.
  • Keep delivery timelines and simplify project planning and execution.
  • Browse the company directory and build the right teams based on employees' skills.