Development Teams

Development Teams are under constant pressure to achieve a shorter time to market. Organizations are struggling to obtain a global view of their product pipeline. Projects are competing and resources are limited. No matter if your organization is focusing on software delivery or on the development of new products - without a good work management solution - it may face suddenly unexpected deadlines or will miss buffers in the project timeline. Very often the companies are not even aware of available slots or possible slippages and delays. This way they risk that the initiatives and products won't be delivered on time and within budget. runsimply Collaborative Project Management supports software and new product development teams with an ultimate set of features that allows them to spend less time managing work and more time building great software and products:

  • See what your teammates are working on and know when you can expect the handover.
  • Store all product specifications, mock ups, wire frames in one place.
  • Improve quality management and assurance by capturing issues and bugs easier than ever before.
  • Skip unreliable manual scheduling with automated planning.