IT Teams and PMOs

IT Teams and PMOs are repeatedly tasked with more than pure project work. IT Teams are in charge of multiple IT operations from service desk to network and server maintenance, operation of existing system and employee technical on-boarding etc. In this dynamic environment only one thing stays constant: the restricted number of resources and the endless number of projects, work requests and issues. Each department expects their requirements to be completed first. If there is no alignment between IT Teams and their business leaders, the IT organization can quickly lose momentum and business confidence. The right work management solution can help providing visibility both to the IT department and the business stakeholders by equipping them with real-time status updates, dashboards and the possibility to interact through fancy collaboration features. runsimply Collaborative Project Management Software eliminates miscommunication between IT Teams and their internal customers:

  • Centralize tasks, requests and document management.
  • Keep content in context and store communication with your tasks, projects and isssues.
  • Don't wait for status meetings. Get visibility into daily IT operations, figure out any time what's working and what's not.
  • Prioritize demand by structured rules and rank projects and tasks by customizable criteria.