Collaborative Project Management Analyze the Past. Optimize the Presence. Navigate the Future.

runsimply Collaborative Project Management enables people to work their way and not the way the technology imposes. It makes the work less formal but more human and subsequently more productive. It improves the way how people connect, communicate and collaborate.

In order for people to be on the same page they have to better understand their work, they need to have a central place where they can receive work requests from their colleagues and peers, customers and partners. With work requests we mean all types of work. Work that can be planned in advance like project tasks or work that pops-up suddenly. The latter we classify as ad-hoc or side work resulting in private tasks and to do’s as well as in issues, bugs and change requests.

Our Collaborative Project Management Solution provides a single hub for easy planning that keeps your workforce informed. This way organizations can improve the work visibility and reduce general work interruptions and avoid unproductive meetings. Your teams don't need to work with multiple tools and spreadsheets. With runsimply they have all ingredients for successful collaboration in one single solution.

It's new generation software that is designed with the only purpose to simplify the way how organizations work. People love to use it because it's intuitive, easy and extremely helpful in receiving and organizing the daily work.

It supports all work processes in one place – from demand management, planning and execution to document sharing, collaboration and real-time status updates. It understands the interrelationship between projects, resources and priorities – at any one time.

You can work from anywhere you want. No matter if you are an occasional user, stakeholder, team member, department manager or you manage complex projects, runsimply Collaborative Project Management grows with you providing the functionality you need when you need it.

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