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We live in a world where almost anything is possible. In the past few years we've seen a fast paced internet evolution that lead to brilliant ideas and new possibilities to connect people. That's why teams are becoming more distributed, international and collaborative. Enterprises should support these new team dynamics and respect the ways people prefer to work. The workforce is evolving and that's why Project Management has to evolve, too. People expect to see their technology habits practiced at home coming into their work. They want to be engaged, creative and innovative. Why shouldn't we motivate them to contribute with their knowledge and experience to deliver projects faster and smarter?

runsimply Collaborative Project Management is an innovative software built with the solely goal to support creative people to work how they like to work. It's offering a completely new approach that combines all work at one place no matter if it's project or non-project related work. We at runsimply think that people should not be restricted by outdated tools and practices that create even more complexity. We think that the entire workforce should be inspired to better communicate and collaborate in order to break down functional and geographical barriers. runsimply innovative software contributes to better and quicker decision making in best run businesses.

From executives, managers, project leaders and team members to product developers, marketing departments and PMO's, runsimply stands for ease of use.

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